As many such

As many such As many such poor wives came to me to consultation, wives, whose husbands so blocked their efforts in emotional expression of feelings to the husband and children that they fell into despair and they began a depression!

But we will look narrowly at marriage where the husband appreciates deep feelings of the wife and her requirement to express them.

He not only listens to it, he studies at it.

He learns, how well and deeply opportunity to empathize at the emotional level fills soul even if emotions not always the pleasant.

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If your child

If your child It is necessary to stop in such place where you should not warn constantly children that they did not come to the road, for example, in city park or in the field.

Sometimes happens very important to take with itself a pot or a toilet seat to which the child got used.

If your child still creeps, you can fill free space between a forward and back seat of the car baggage and cover with something soft, then the child will have a place where to popolzat and have a sleep.

If children want to stand, they have to stand on a floor, but not on a seat.

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Behind an entertaining

Behind an entertaining From the point of view of the expert, information on development of children in already existing literature does more harm, than advantage.

The reason that these sections are written not by doctors, but teachers and psychologists, unfamiliar with medical problems.

Behind an entertaining form of a statement the concrete instructions necessary for parents for identification of deviations and acceptance of urgent measures to their elimination are often lost.

In this book ways of check of development at various age stages are described in details and specifically.

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Most of parents

Most of parents Because of the immaturity children express anger through aggression or slopping.

Most of parents belongs intolerantly to it.

Parents react so that compel children to cope with anger in even more unripe ways.

If in children skills of the address with anger are not developed, they will consciously show the anger, and also will use also subconscious ways of its expression You observed similar scenes: Judee is angry and Is insolent to mother.

The father hears it and reacts, doing the following remark by tone, peremptory: Do not dare to talk so to mother!

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Opens doors of lockers and is interested in their contents.

The child loves when with him adults play.

Especially it likes to take and return subjects.

He gives a toy to the adult, then gives a hand to receive it back.

The kid finds the rattle hidden in a mother's palm, takes it and again gives to mother to continue game.

The child can start similar game with the stranger and will continue it until that shows to it interest.

By the same principle the kid tries to play and with a ball.

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